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The LowPro App is an exciting digital tool, brought to you by Nutricia Metabolics, designed to help manage and monitor the low protein diet. It is available to download for free from the Apple and Android app stores!

How to download the app

  • The LowPro App is free of charge and is available to download on iOS and Android devices.
  • The app can be used for the following conditions: PKU, MSUD, TYR, HCU, GA1, IVA, MMA/PA and UCD.
  • Once downloaded, get started by completing your profile. A summary of your activity will be shown on the dashboard.

Features of the LowPro App

  • Keep track of how many exchanges and protein substitutes you have consumed each day.
  • Set reminders to take your protein substitutes and to attend hospital and clinic appointments.
  • Exchange calculator - Convert protein (g) into exchanges.
  • Keep track of your blood levels and export and share graphs as PDF documents.
  • Keep record of questions you want to ask your dietitian in the Notes section.
  • LowPro App can link with Apple Health and Google Fit to track your steps.
  • If you are a parent with more than one child on a low protein diet, there is an option to have multiple accounts.


    You can download the app for free from the App Store for Apple Devices, or the Google Play Store for Android Devices.

    Click below to watch our instructional videos:

    How to add a protein substituteHow to add an exchange
    How to keep track of  your blood levelsCreating a profile


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